Acquisition of “Chui” – & You Thought I Was Started…

25 Mar

She’s hot..she’s sexy..she has a gr8 rack…beautiful rear..awesome look @ her and she screams to be ridden..she’s that darn attractive.. She’s CHUI!! My first motorcycle..

Yamaha XT250T

Yamaha XT250T (

Last Friday I became the proud owner of “Chui”…a Yamaha XT250T and I can’t be able to explain the excitement in my mind…totally shattering..but my friends are more excited than I am which makes me fear of Chui’s “safety”.. Got it from an American friend about to leave the country and since I am the 1 who named it for him, he gave me 1st priority in purchasing it..and aint she a beau… She’s a dual purpose 4 stroke motorcycle that is perfect off-road and good on streets with ridiculous consumption i.e. 80mpg or 32kml.. NO MORE PUBLIC TRANSPORT! I have only basics skills in Motorcycle riding but so far this beast can throw a punch! On Mbagathi road my amazing friend Dominic was riding it and I was the passenger..I had a scarf on and there was a point when he pushed the throttle up to amazing speeds that the scarf was thrown backwards and practically simulated strangling me..just AWESOME!

Chui - Yamaha XT250T

Road trips will go up a notch…sorry guys..I know u loved groupie love commando trips but Chui completes me…lol…

Look out for updates on Chui & I.. and if you see us just Smile & WaveSmile & Wave..


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3 responses to “Acquisition of “Chui” – & You Thought I Was Started…

  1. Jiva

    June 4, 2010 at 18:08

    Wow!! Initially i was thinking this guy loves animals…then another glance at the picture just cracked me up as it was something that moves on two manmade feet…Great but dangerous investment!! Enjoy Chui…

    • efi

      June 4, 2010 at 19:14

      lol…..I love animals especially the cat family hence named the bike after 1 (though Cheetahs are said to be more on the dog family..which I still love)… You should climb one and understand y it aint as dangerous as many claim to be. It saves time, money and if u hv an extremly hot bike it saves you energy from using pickup lines when courting 🙂


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