Great Week Biking with Chui…even after crashing..

31 May

Dirty Happy BikeSo I felt need for a break and took a 1 wk break from office work to do other things and enjoy some leisure time… Thankfully my version of leisure involves ADRENALINE!! Chui & I spent some great quality time bonding and I learned alot about riding an off-roader like the XT250T which was a great experience.

Mike on Chui....he climbed on his own

Mike on Chui....he climbed on his own in Syokimau

On the itinerary was the deep interior Syokimau to visit a close friend. The route has a varied terrain from very rugged and rocky sections with sharp-edged embedded rocks to slippery and loose rocks on the path which forced me to stand while riding throughout and which forced exercising great control from balancing to thrust control to clutch control…energy draining due to the distance… then to loamy sections which got slippery when it drizzled for only 10mins, how I nearly cursed but found myself smiling…. then some smooth flattened sections which were great for cruising but not as exciting… but whose complaining about variety…variety eradicates monotony…which is equal to lots of fun!

Keg Fest in the WildNext on agenda was to attend an overnight barbecue by the Nairobi National Park @ an event called “KegFest in the Wild” which was organised by my close friend Eddie who runs an outfit called Shanghai Teleport. Due to delays I was forced do ride in the night but didn’t see the reason to budge about it…riding in a full moon by the National Park in a rough road with a spectacular view and animals running around…that is tear jerking! I began journey @ 8.30pm and cruised around an amazingly jam packed Mbagathi Road on a Saturday Night!!! Due to my excitement to reach the rough roads I got impatient and rode on the side path which was obviously not tarmacked but at least it was way much faster than following a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. When I finally reached the T junction @ Africa Nazarene University you could even hear Chui’s anticipation… The journey from here forward was spectacular! The view of the distant hills on all sides…Ngong’ Hills, Kilimambogo, Lukenya..and the plains of National Park with the full moon lit sky as a backdrop… the sight of beautiful Nairobi from a far…Dik Diks, wild hares running around after being startled by the grant of a 4-valve engine, what more could u ask for…and Chui met Twiga!! Giraffe at night by laparisienneaveloThe majestic giraffe which didn’t give a nudge when I stopped so close to it to have a much much much closer view as it slowly continued browsing the Acacia trees. It was so tempting to touch it, but it began to pee and that was a major turn off. But I got wondering.. Was it deaf???? Or did I stink like a giraffe and thought I was a friendly?? Giraffe @ Night (by laparisienneavelo - flickr)After gazing @ its  beauty for some minutes I remembered it was past 9pm and I’m in the bush and you never know what larks in the “dark” off we continued. Since I didn’t know where the exact location for the event was and having a poor some sense of fear and major craving of adventure this was a perfect time for adventure.. During the search in the bush it didn’t take long to hear music which guided me to the venue. Many cars were in the parking and there was a large gathering in the villa and what a great crowd it was. What a great night it was.

Supplies dwindled fast and in an erratic manner and I being the sober one had to take night rides to Rongai Shopping Centre for refills. Made 3 trips in total with the last trip being @ 3am in the night… the view was still breathtaking 4 me to think twice and finding new animals on the road or in the bush just added flavour to the to-and-fro trips.

FUN FUN FUN.... (didn't have an actual pic so here's an example of what was experienced)

FUN FUN FUN.... (didn't have an actual pic so here's an example of what was experienced)

After a successful evening the morning lit up what we couldn’t see in the night..the road was more rugged than I had perceived… I was in shock.. but this didn’t stop me from trying new tricks on the road.. I was finally able to stand on the motorcycle with 2 feet on the seat while it was in motion…. (pls don’t try this @ home if not dreaming).. It was exhilarating!! Sadly no pics..maybe nxt time!! Can’t wait for another off-road road trip!!

Sadly all thrill have their levels of pain…earlier on Monday I had a nasty crash between Mbagathi Road and Strathmore University on the rough earth road after a typical Kenyan Driver suddenly brakes and swerves his Toyota Rav4 towards my direction and blocks my path…. as much as I braked the rear wheel clamped and skid.. Thankful for my rugby days in learning how to fall… Plus the accident was a test on the Helmet which didn’t get a scratch and my head didn’t get a bump or a scratch and was totally cushioned that my skin didn’t have any feeling of any impact! So fellow riders I want to recommend to you all the Altura Helmet …its perfect!! Chui got injured with the left side indicators getting damaged and a call for new tyres being observed, hopefully she may get well soon since there were no other dents or damages…she is one tough BEAST!


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2 responses to “Great Week Biking with Chui…even after crashing..

  1. Rags

    June 22, 2010 at 00:09

    Lol u have to Photoshop the pic of u on a bike…….mmmmhhh not sure if this is a tell tell sign that even this bike doesn’t exist….to exonerate yourself please post x-rays for the “fall” …i may not be touched up….. also written witness reports not coarse’d out of the “witnesses” for a full list of the exoneration requirements please call out 800 tOLL FREE number.

    • efi

      June 22, 2010 at 10:07

      lol lol….witness report not needed…will send u grisly pics of injuries if highly needed as proof.. make sure u aint eating when looking at them.


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