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How to Perfect Your Fall…(shit happens…Be prepared!)

Lets just admit it NOW…You will fall, either while walking, riding a horse, riding a bicycle, climbing a ladder or while oogling at a pretty girl….who know when.

Once in a while adrenaline takes over or by some misfortune one crosses the path of a drunk idiot of a driver or happen to be in a freak accident or many other scenarios whether in Motorcycle riding or in sports such as Rugby, the art of falling comes by default. The act of the human body meeting the ground is mandatory and will not occur just once. I felt compelled to write this so as to give pointers to my fellow riders and rugby players based on my experiences


Rule 1: in anticipation of a fall always take a quick glance at your sides (side mirrors) and instinctively plan your fall. This may help avoid ‘after fall’ incidents e.g. Motorcyclist may avoid incoming cars from running over them
Rule 2: When falling cross your arms and spread the impact zone. This helps to distribute the pressure points and eventually reduce injuries common with falling e.g. Broken bones. We have seen many dislocate shoulders or break arms for when they were falling they landed arm first which cushioned much of the impact
Rule 3: if well and alive jump up and get back on the horse.. The earlier the better.. With the fall & injuries incurred it is assumed experience has nurtured your instincts..

So smile & wave & show the scars as trophies.. 🙂

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Posted by on November 5, 2011 in Sports