Motorcycle Riding tips from a Novice…Part 1

Few Vital Lessons Learned as a NoviceNew Bike

  1. I like the way Helmets encourage Dental hygiene coz being stuck with awful breath for even a short ride can cause an accident….SAFETY FIRST! Brush u’r teeth.
  2. Pretty girls with skimpy clothes and bright lights (including very light brown skin) are harmful to Bikers Health….Please wear shades to protect your eyes from the glitter & flashes and keep your concentration on the road…do not worry about what you have passed 4 it shall bring itself once u have parked…SAFETY FIRST! Play hard to get!
  3. The sound of a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke engine can be therapeutic.. so ignore the boss and crank up that YouTube Motorcycle channel and video and SMILE & swear that your productivity is increasing 2-fold because of it… Tell him or her that seeing a Suzuki Hayabusa clocking 390KPH with ease and MCN Magazine showing you how to do a wheelie motivates u daily…
  4. Bikes being feline in nature but they have no problem if you see other bikes…so its the near perfect chick….though she may ask for attention @ times and at times we don’t like it when many people “handle” her..

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Commando Mission @ Rift Valley Festival…

Rift Valley Festival

Rift Valley Festival

Commando Mission??? Yes, Commando….if you saw my tent you’d fully understand. After a wonderful morning @ Mindspeak @ Westgate, I dashed to Fisherman’s Camp @ Naivasha for the most anticipated event of the month.. i.e. the Rift Valley Festival . It had began on the Friday but being a Saturday means I dint miss much. Quickly picked my tent and bag and off I went by public transport (so counting the days). Wished I could take Chui with me….would have been totally thrilling…

We arrived at the town at about 4pm. The matatu just took an hour and 15 mins to reach Naivasha…  (Good or bad, depends on which angle you want to look @ it…) thankfully the Weatherman was wrong, but hey..who believes the Weatherman anyway?? Sadly had to grab another rickety matatu (don’t I hate this contraptions). After leaving the main stage with 14 people and as we trodded towards the destination, the conductor just kept on piling people into the vehicle until at one  point I counted 25 passengers..don’t even ask how we all fitted (#onlyinkenya).. sadly on the way I could hear the weatherman laughing at me for it had started to rain lightly. Luckily it only showered for 10 mins. By the time we arrived at the camp-site the it had long stopped. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ushahidi @ Mind Speak

On 27 March 2010, Erik Hersman otherwise known as White African was invited by Aly Khan Satchu ( to come give a talk about Ushahidi and iHub. It was quite an informative and engaging talk. Erik was quite open and descriptive about Ushahidi, how it began, how they got seed money, gaining success and what else is in the works for Ushahidi.

Erik Hersman Presenting about Ushahidi @ Mindspeak

Erik Hersman presenting about Ushahidi @ Mindspeak

Ushahidi has gone international and has been praised by many sectors of the modern society. It has been used in South Africa during the Xenophobic attacks, Congo violence, India elections, Pakistan violence, Haiti earthquake, Washington snowstorm and recently in Chile earthquakes. Locally Ushahidi has been rolled out to report Crime activity in Nairobi, Kenya through

On technology start-ups Erik was quite straight about a few things

Build first, Money later

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Acquisition of “Chui” – & You Thought I Was Started…

She’s hot..she’s sexy..she has a gr8 rack…beautiful rear..awesome look @ her and she screams to be ridden..she’s that darn attractive.. She’s CHUI!! My first motorcycle..

Yamaha XT250T

Yamaha XT250T (

Last Friday I became the proud owner of “Chui”…a Yamaha XT250T and I can’t be able to explain the excitement in my mind…totally shattering..but my friends are more excited than I am which makes me fear of Chui’s “safety”.. Got it from an American friend about to leave the country and since I am the 1 who named it for him, he gave me 1st priority in purchasing it..and aint she a beau… She’s a dual purpose 4 stroke motorcycle that is perfect off-road and good on streets with ridiculous consumption i.e. 80mpg or 32kml.. NO MORE PUBLIC TRANSPORT! Read the rest of this entry »


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Makmende Craze….

This is an example of perfect use of social media 2 create a buzz about your product…… Just a Band created a character called Makmende who is the main character of their video “Ha-He“. It has become viral with it already being declared the top 100 trending topics on twitter. Totally hilarious. You have to give respect to this upcoming original Kenyan Band.


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New Media + Journalism = National Development?

WindmillThe best way to begin this article is by sharing the story of the teenager from Malawi who dropped out of school but taught himself through the public library and at the age of 14 transformed his rural village by building electric windmills out of a junk bicycle and tractor fan. During a television interview in the USA he said during his first experience with the internet was after his fame and 5 years later after his invention. He “Googled” the word Windmills and he could not comprehend the amount of information presented before him through a small screen within seconds. It was at that moment he wondered

Where has it (Internet) been all this time?

The most obvious thought that comes into one’s mind is “What if he was aware and used the Internet before coming up with his creation?

According to Wikipedia, New Media is a term meant to encompass the emergence of digital,

A school in a Masai village using a MacBook.

computerized, or networked information and communication technologies in the later part of the 20th century. Most technologies described as “New Media” are digital, often having characteristics of being manipulated, networkable, dense, compressible, interactive and impartial. Some examples may be the Internet (databases, websites such as blogs, social networking websites etc), Mobile telephony (SMS, MMS, etc). New Media is not television programs, feature films, magazines, books, or paper-based publications.

New Media with Technology Convergence shifts the model of mass communication, and this has radically shaped the ways we interact and communicate with one another in the modern society. How can it be used to reach out and be utilised in the conservative and underprivileged groups? According to Erik Hersman in his article, “THE DARK CONTINENT: ITS STILL DARK”, he states that

Those who create, develop and invest in new technologies are the ones who write the rules of tomorrow

Kenya and Africa as a whole is on the verge of a technical revolution, why shouldn’t the Mass Media be the one to guide this process? Read the rest of this entry »


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Evolution or Adaptation? Cohesion or Competition between Social Media and News Media

social media

Social Interactive Media

Social media took the internet culture in such an unpredictable manner that the internet public had to either join in or be left out. It has provided a platform for any party either an individual, company or organisation to express themselves directly with the internet publics(s). It is considered as a more direct ways to express oneself rather than allow someone else the privilege to interpret one’s input, expressions or thoughts. Social media has also provided for real-time participation by users with little or no editing or moderation. This in all has created a novel open internet society that has abruptly unintentionally forced for its recognition as a force not to ignore. This is due to large in part to its Media/press capabilities i.e. collection and dissemination of data and information via text, images and video.

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