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Motorcycle Riding tips from a Novice…Part 1

Few Vital Lessons Learned as a NoviceNew Bike

  1. I like the way Helmets encourage Dental hygiene coz being stuck with awful breath for even a short ride can cause an accident….SAFETY FIRST! Brush u’r teeth.
  2. Pretty girls with skimpy clothes and bright lights (including very light brown skin) are harmful to Bikers Health….Please wear shades to protect your eyes from the glitter & flashes and keep your concentration on the road…do not worry about what you have passed 4 it shall bring itself once u have parked…SAFETY FIRST! Play hard to get!
  3. The sound of a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke engine can be therapeutic.. so ignore the boss and crank up that YouTube Motorcycle channel and video and SMILE & swear that your productivity is increasing 2-fold because of it… Tell him or her that seeing a Suzuki Hayabusa clocking 390KPH with ease and MCN Magazine showing you how to do a wheelie motivates u daily…
  4. Bikes being feline in nature but they have no problem if you see other bikes…so its the near perfect chick….though she may ask for attention @ times and at times we don’t like it when many people “handle” her..

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Acquisition of “Chui” – & You Thought I Was Started…

She’s hot..she’s sexy..she has a gr8 rack…beautiful rear..awesome look @ her and she screams to be ridden..she’s that darn attractive.. She’s CHUI!! My first motorcycle..

Yamaha XT250T

Yamaha XT250T (

Last Friday I became the proud owner of “Chui”…a Yamaha XT250T and I can’t be able to explain the excitement in my mind…totally shattering..but my friends are more excited than I am which makes me fear of Chui’s “safety”.. Got it from an American friend about to leave the country and since I am the 1 who named it for him, he gave me 1st priority in purchasing it..and aint she a beau… She’s a dual purpose 4 stroke motorcycle that is perfect off-road and good on streets with ridiculous consumption i.e. 80mpg or 32kml.. NO MORE PUBLIC TRANSPORT! Read the rest of this entry »


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