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Commando Mission @ Rift Valley Festival…

Rift Valley Festival

Rift Valley Festival

Commando Mission??? Yes, Commando….if you saw my tent you’d fully understand. After a wonderful morning @ Mindspeak @ Westgate, I dashed to Fisherman’s Camp @ Naivasha for the most anticipated event of the month.. i.e. the Rift Valley Festival . It had began on the Friday but being a Saturday means I dint miss much. Quickly picked my tent and bag and off I went by public transport (so counting the days). Wished I could take Chui with me….would have been totally thrilling…

We arrived at the town at about 4pm. The matatu just took an hour and 15 mins to reach Naivasha…  (Good or bad, depends on which angle you want to look @ it…) thankfully the Weatherman was wrong, but hey..who believes the Weatherman anyway?? Sadly had to grab another rickety matatu (don’t I hate this contraptions). After leaving the main stage with 14 people and as we trodded towards the destination, the conductor just kept on piling people into the vehicle until at one  point I counted 25 passengers..don’t even ask how we all fitted (#onlyinkenya).. sadly on the way I could hear the weatherman laughing at me for it had started to rain lightly. Luckily it only showered for 10 mins. By the time we arrived at the camp-site the it had long stopped. Read the rest of this entry »

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Makmende Craze….

This is an example of perfect use of social media 2 create a buzz about your product…… Just a Band created a character called Makmende who is the main character of their video “Ha-He“. It has become viral with it already being declared the top 100 trending topics on twitter. Totally hilarious. You have to give respect to this upcoming original Kenyan Band.


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