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Condemnation of Israeli Aggression on Flotilla…

Israel attack Humanitarian Flottila ( at least nine pro-Palestinian activists killed and many more were wounded in the raid on May 31 as Israeli naval commandos stormed the Mavi Marmara (the lead ship in a flotilla of six vessels which are carrying humanitarian aid for the Palestinian territory) on international waters show how far Israel is willing to go in ensuring the Gaza blockage stands. Despite sparking a wave of global condemnation and protests Israel defends its actions wholly with no regret. This is great shame to a sovereign state using paranoia as a guide rather than common sense and humanitarian logic as a voice of reason.

Quoting Ahdaf Soueif excerpt from her article “Israel reveals its true face

Each and every one of them ultimately believed that they were safe; that there was a boundary – call it a boundary of legality, a boundary of civilisation – that Israel would not cross. They were wrong. And in proving them wrong, Israel has revealed, once again, its true face to the world.

To quote Ahdaf further.. Israel is on a path of Self Destruction… and many agree with this point of view. Read the rest of this entry »

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